Is it possible to reuse an existing destination, purpose or notes?

While adding an entry or updating an entry:
  1. Tap the "copy" button next to the desired field (ie. origin, destination, client, purpose, or notes).

  2. A list of existing values for that field will display.

  3. Scroll through the list and tap the "paste" button next to the value you would like to reuse.

  4. If you don't find a suitable value tap the "Back" button on your device to cancel.

How do I manage my list of vehicles, mileage types and drivers?

  1. From the main menu tap the ellipses on the application bar to expose the slide up menu, then tap one of the "manage ..." menu items.

  2. To Add
    From the manage page, tap the add button on application bar button at the bottom.

  3. To Update
    From the manage page, tap the edit button (ie. the pencil) below the entry you wish to edit.

  4. To Delete
    From the manage page, tap the delete button (ie. recycling bin) below the entry you want to delete.

What information can I provide for a vehicle, mileage type or driver?

Below is the information you can provide. Note that all this information will be included in the email report.

For a driver you can provide:

  • driver name
  • driver notes
For a vehicle you can provide:

For a mileage type you can provide:

  • mileage type name
  • mileage type notes
  • friendly name
  • year
  • make
  • model
  • license plate number
  • vin: vehicle identification number
  • business vehicle: identifies the vehicle as business or personal
  • notes

  • If you don't enter a friendly name then through out the app the vehicle displayed using the combination of year make and model (ie 2005 Toyota Camry), if you don't provide any of that information the vehicle will identified as "Vehicle".