• While adding or updating a trip, scroll down to the "Receipts" section and tap the "Add" row.

    Next you can choose to take a picture of the receipt or select it from your camera roll if it already exists.

    You can also enter the merchant, total, tax, tips, category, account and notes before tapping the "Accept" button to add the receipt to the trip.

    Note: you still need to save the trip.

  • Once saved, the Trips screen will display the count of receipts for each trip

  • To update or delete a receipt, tap the receipts row

    Then update the image by tapping the camera button on the toolbar.

    To delete the receipt tap the Trash button on the toolbar

    Note: you still need to save the trip.

  • When you export your trips, all receipts for those trips will be included in a single yet separate file from the report of your trips.

  • To hide the receipt fields you don't use:

    1. Access the Settings Page.
    2. Scroll down to the "Receipt Field Visibility" section.
    3. Then unselect the fields you do not want.