How can i let my friends, family and colleagues know about this app?

You can let others know about this app by e-mail or text message. To that from within the app follow these steps:
  1. Access the about page.

  2. Scroll down to the "Do you know somebody" section.

  3. Tap the "recommend on facebook", "tweet about it", "share by e-mail" or "share by text message" button. Details about the app will be pre-filled into the message.

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How do I turn on logging?

Access the settings page and scroll down to the "logging" section:

Below is an explanation of each configurable setting that affects logging:
  • Off/On: turns the feature on or off. Enabling logging will slow down the app's performance so use it only when needed.

  • view log allows you to view the contents of the log.

  • e-mail log to support team: allows you to attach the log to an e-mail to the support team. If you make use of this feature please provide as much detail as possible in the body of the e-mail so we can best assist you.

  • delete log xx yyy: tells you the size of the log and by tapping the button you can clear the contents.